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i am practicing compassion

yes, i am saying it is your fault

Emily Court
7 April
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I do what I do best and what I do, I do best. What do I do? Fangirl, of course.

+Gossip Girl
Serena van der Woodsen/Blair Waldorf
Charles Bass/Blair Waldorf

+Harry Potter
Fleur Delacour/Hermione Granger
Gabrielle Delacour/Hermione Granger
Narcissa Black/Lucius Malfoy
Hermione Granger/Harry Potter

Claire Bennet/Elle Bishop
Claire Bennet/Niki (Jessica) Sanders
Elle Bishop/Niki (Jessica) Sanders

+House M.D.
Allison Cameron/Remy Hadley
Allison Cameron/Gregory House
Gregory House/Remy Hadley

+Legend of the Seeker
Cara/Kahlan Amnell

+The L Word
Carmen de la Pica Morales/Shane McCutcheon
Jodi Lerner/Bette Porter
Molly Kroll/Shane McCutcheon

And trust me, if there's RPF involved with any of the above actors... I'm reading or writing it. Or both.